Welcome to just.dabe, the online showcase of myself, Dave Walker. I am a Hampshire based web and application developer using the Microsoft platform.

First time black for Treviss. Swizterland funtimes. NO CRASHES. Shredding like crazy. , riding for 31.8 miles. Strava
Le tour, Stage 20 infiltration. Smashing the decent in the wet. Liam you crazy fuck., riding for 16.39 miles. Strava
Crashing and showing Treviss the ropes! No step down today!, riding for 27.86 miles. Strava
So fast Super Morzine. Separated shoulder x2, riding for 28.46 miles. Strava
PEAKING. Try hard sessions, riding for 34.5 miles. Strava
Jaco's introduction to MORZINE. Lewis trying his hardest to get us stuck in chatel :/, riding for 25.33 miles. Strava
First timers. Smashing the hell out if the greens, riding for 30.45 miles. Strava
Swiss National proper followed by Chatel sessions, riding for 56.29 miles. Strava
Stumble about Aosta. Pissup after Pila, riding for 2.62 miles. Strava
Award for longest decent ever goes toooo. PILA. This place is awesome. Monté Blanco tunnel can suck a dick, riding for 34.67 miles. Strava
Smashing the hell out of the Swiss National DH track. Got lost. Will attempt again, riding for 27.01 miles. Strava
Linderets red practice. So sunny! Dan separated shoulder., riding for 26.57 miles. Strava
Checking the tour' route out. Nearly died. Joux Plane. Nice view though., riding for 36.08 miles. Strava
SpartanRace - Morzine to Point de Nyon, riding for 11.03 miles. Strava
Morzine to Morgins. Awesome natural singletrack,, riding for 40.52 miles. Strava
Mossettes lift is the longest lift IN THE WORLD. #BikeMorzine MATESRACE not last. BONUS. Free Pizza. No beer., riding for 29.85 miles. Strava
Les Linderets fun house, riding for 21.1 miles. Strava
Alps #summer #morzine #lovemorzine ☔🌄�#crazyassweatherer @ Morzine - Les Portes du Soleihttps://t.co/waZzAweOqbqb
First mountain done. Fcked 100% @ Avoriaz Ski Resort, France https://t.co/t8Mw9k6s2S
Definitely the best team car I saw today walking along the start line. Team giantalpecin. Makes… https://t.co/PVFFTsNPHt
The lake before the lake ☔ #wet #lovemorzine #morzone2016 @ Lac de Montriond https://t.co/ql8b7Kn1zc
Waking up tomorrow like.... 🌄👌�#lovemorzineine @ Morzine - Les Portes du Solehttps://t.co/PN04p62DWGDWG
The #frenchflood is crazy. So many roads closed. Here is the #LaLoire river just south of Gien. https://t.co/e0qPxVOVjv
RT @BecketAdams: Photoshoppers so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. pic.twitter.com/6AYaJFjgWd
RT @rosser73: Got any old scrappers taking up space in the garage or shed ? pic.twitter.com/1UO6VS2oEF
Treviss smashing the hell out of 4th place at barncross. #pushthecranks #notfirst #kitsperationhttps://t.co/gXqW5Ct5kW
regram @MatthewTreviss @iamdabe game face on. #pushthecranks Calshot track night #OPA! https://t.co/viQCiUdMs8
Spinning out. @thomthum84 absolutely smashing the solo sprint at #calshotvelodrome with… https://t.co/ogVKQ4Mxfq
I hate the feeling of the road disappearing in front of you due to inconsiderate drivers. This… https://t.co/gi4QvQDa37
.@BluestarHQ proceeded to turn in to Commercial Rd whilst sounding his horn. Please provide cycle awareness training to your drivers. 2/2
.@BluestarHQ terrible driving from No. 18 bus @ 17:05 on Above Bar St. today. Near left hook as he failed to overtake me and then 1/2
Nice to run in to a pro when you're cycling your localspot! None other than @grantfielder @… https://t.co/91U47hFGAx
Full shot of the new #PushTheCranks kit. Logo and kit designed by yours truly. Never have I had… https://t.co/l5bOzGUDq9
First time pack riding with #pushthecranks tomorrow. Figured I'd wash and lube #token as a… https://t.co/Bty7Emm6oB
27.5 x 800 problems. https://t.co/aucQWjklyK
Love this view. https://t.co/rdQoSuIenw
Found one one of my rotors from first time in #morzine... Yeah it's f*#ked. #deathgrip https://t.co/1FkppHW9rP
Here's a low res video of the jumps! :) https://t.co/ULJLP19brq
The end of an epic day at bikepark_wales. Started with a morning of jump tuition with griffrhys… https://t.co/t7lTxyRbmq
Emergency wheel repair! Only on the push bike so had to strapped wheel on bag. Hurrah for… https://t.co/ux2LWrlyTn
Pedal pedal pedal! @ Calshot Velodrome https://t.co/XdNGND23Oq
Mr T. Hitting the wall at calshot @ Calshot Velodrome https://t.co/qeauhSQRct
Gentle warm up ride to Calshot in prep for Velodrome tonight I said to myself. Yea 16.5mph avg later and knackered pic.twitter.com/nfyb7w5WuA
Hell yes. Doubled my cycling miles this year compared to last. 990mi year to date compared to 435mi in '15 #winning pic.twitter.com/FIoYGHhSSw
No doubt, @Orbea have made a sexy bike. Massive thanks to @DCcycles for the loner. 8am at… https://t.co/kLck8CZGVS
Another day, another bike! The @Orbea #occam. First time on cleats on the mtb #dontdab @ Swinley… https://t.co/oeUN87wPp9
Absolutely can not wait to get my bike back! The dvosuspension #dvojade is finally going in my… https://t.co/4yjaARQl5J
RT @StifCycles: 30% OFF Current Fox Ridewear online now! Upto 60% off older kit too! https://t.co/XIixf39Z1k #STPremier pic.twitter.com/WVE242sOaI
Ordered a jade coil shock & spring in march 2015, shock turns up but no spring. 10 months later… https://t.co/R1HtEwmBpN

"like bricks" is how I explained this new layout to a friend recently. I'm not a fan of following trends but since I first saw the brickwork layouts it really clicked with me. Microsoft, BBC and others have been following a 'chaotic design' methodlogy for a while and I feel they're right to do so. I love these the bite size bits of information. For this site I utilised the Isotope jQuery plugin, which proved to be simple and effective to implement.

Experiment, being a geek at heart means I'm always experimenting. My latest endeavour saw me take on php (more specifically wordpress ) and win. Take a look at the result of a week's worth of development ajsphotographic....

Designing in the browser? I'm no designer, but I know my way around photoshop and when putting a layout together my goal is to get in to the browser (i.e. the real world) as quickly as possible and leave photoshop behind.

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