Welcome to the online showcase of David Walker. Senior .NET solution architect, developer and technical lead. Expert in large scale online applications, with specialised skills in financial services and ecommerce platforms.

"like bricks" is how I explained this new layout to a friend recently. I'm not a fan of following trends but since I first saw the brickwork layouts it really clicked with me. Microsoft, BBC and others have been following a 'chaotic design' methodlogy for a while and I feel they're right to do so. I love these the bite size bits of information. For this site I utilised the Isotope jQuery plugin, which proved to be simple and effective to implement.

Experiment, being a geek at heart means I'm always experimenting. My latest endeavour saw me take on php (more specifically wordpress ) and win. Take a look at the result of a week's worth of development ajsphotographic....

Designing in the browser? I'm no designer, but I know my way around photoshop and when putting a layout together my goal is to get in to the browser (i.e. the real world) as quickly as possible and leave photoshop behind.

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